FAIB launches a New Course – Mental Health and Wellbeing for those working with children

FAIB Launches a New Course – Mental Health and Wellbeing for those working with children.

After reviewing several providers in the market it felt that FAIB’s positioning in this course had to be from an operational perspective.

To support Nurseries and Schools with understanding more about Mental Health, but operationally what and how they could help the children in their care. The work that they can do on prevention and improving wellbeing and what plans they can put in place to support a child when they need it, including ways to gain a successful referral.

The content has an increased focus on common mental illnesses and on the solutions and self-help techniques that aid the prevention of them. As well as placing an importance on promoting mental health and wellbeing in Educational settings for both children and staff.

Like the Adult course, being trained in this course will allow you to train the shorter 3 hr course , a one day and a 2 day course. All courses will be able to be delivered in shorter sessions to accommodate the needs of nurseries and schools and can be delivered over half a term (6 weeks ).  Our aim is to support in creating real change.

The course covers;
Ofsted requirements
Safeguarding and behaviour
Prevention and Wellbeing
Mental Health Action planning i.e. First Aid for Mental Health
Common Mental Health Illnesses
Severe Mental Health Illnesses
The Step Model of Care and referrals
Wellbeing for you in your setting

To those that have already completely the Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing train the trainer course – we are offering a 2 day conversion course at £250+vat. To support Training providers as much as possible through these challenging times, various payment options and plans are available.

For conversion courses from Adult to Child it will be the first 2 days of the course dates advertised.

If you would like to book on to the course the dates are below https://bookwhen.com/faib.

For more information contact us email: info@faib.co.uk     or call 0161 494 9045


It has never been more important to look after the wellbeing of staff!

There are  huge outside pressures of the current world that we live in,   the need to work remotely or to retain social distancing all whilst working hard to ensure that jobs are safe in these challenging times. We believe that the most successful workplaces in the long-term will be the ones that recognise the importance of embedding mental health and wellbeing into their strategies. Mental Health can no longer be treated as a tick box exercise.

Why should you choose The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) to become a Mental Health and Wellbeing trainer?

Workplaces are now needed to understand not only what to do in a Mental Health Crisis, but they also need to be aware of preventative measures such as how to encourage wellbeing within their culture.

At FAIB, Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace course, has and increased focus on

  • stress and common mental health illnesses
  • the solutions and self-help techniques that aid the prevention of them
  • placing an importance on promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

All of which are needed for individuals and organisations to create real change

The courses that you can train following the Trainer course are:

FAIB Mental Health Awareness 1/2 day – Suitable for anyone that wants to increase their awareness in mental health for themselves or others.

FAIB Mental Health in the Workplace 1 day – Suitable for anyone who has Line Manager responsibility or who wants to increase their awareness of mental health and how to support it in the workplace.

FAIB Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace 2 days – Suitable for anyone who has Line Manager responsibility, who is responsible for staff wellbeing or wants to increase their awareness of mental health and wellbeing and how they can influence it in the workplace.

The 1 and 2 day courses all include our Mental Health Action planning which is the equivalent to First Aid for Mental Health

Please contact info@faib.co.uk or call 0161 494 9045 for more information.


We have now successfully delivered a number of FAIB Mental Health Train The Trainer Courses and the feedback has been excellent.

We are planning courses across the UK in 2020 and if you click on the link below you will find all our current available dates. New course dates are added weekly so please keep checking for a course near you.


You can visit the FAIB Mental Health tab on the website for more information or please contact us.

A Big Thank You to the FAIB Registered Training Providers & Trainer/Assessors who attended the Life Connections First Aid Conference at Harrogate yesterday !

Thank you to everyone who attended the Life Connections First Aid Conference at Harrogate yesterday – we appreciate the high turnout of FAIB/FOFATO Registered Training Providers and Trainer/Assessors. It was great to see you all and catch up with FAIB Members old and new!

Also thank you to Terry Gardner and his team for all their hard work.

**LIMITED PLACES REMAINING** Conference reminder (Harrogate, Thursday 28th March 2019)

**LIMITED PLACES REMAINING** Conference reminder for all FOFATO & FAIB Training Providers & Trainer/Assessors (Harrogate, Thursday 28th March 2019)

book your place today here http://www.lifeconnections.uk.com and we look forward to seeing you there!


First Aid Conferences in 2019 – further details and dates.

As I have mentioned in previous messages about Conferences, the organisation of these will be different in 2019.

FAIB/FOFATO are working with Terry Gardner of Life Connections (the Conference Organiser) and Rob Shaloe from Qualifications Network.

As you are all aware I am more than happy to work with most Regulators in the First Aid Industry hence one of the reasons for working with Rob.

I have listened to your feedback about Conferences, particularly regarding travel time and have now arranged through Terry Gardner, to hold 5 Regional Conferences across England and Scotland and one of those is very close to Wales. In the future we also hope to hold a Conference in Northern Ireland.

Those arranged for next year are:-   Edinburgh (16th  May 2019),  Bristol (20th June 2019), Kettering (17th October 2019), and Stoke on Trent  (28th November 2019). 

Each of these events will include some topics requested by our Registered Training Providers including Managing Mental Health, Managing Head Injuries, Epilepsy Awareness, Haemorrhage Control and Burns Management (the content is subject to some change).

The Delegate rate is of £80 + VAT including lunch, tea/coffee for all the above mentioned venues.

We would like to see more FAIB/FOFATO Training Providers/Trainers/Assessors at these Conferences in 2019.

Only 50 delegate places are available at each conference therefore early registration is recommended, to secure your place visit www.lifeconnections.uk.com or call 01322 660434 or if you wish contact Jacqui at FAIB/FOFATO on 0161 494 9045 or email:  info@faib.co.uk

If you register directly with Life Connections you must mention you are registered with FAIB/FOFATO so that we can issue you with your additional FAIB/FOFATO delegate pack at the Conference.



Paul Mulvey from WELMedical demonstrated the award winning ILLUMINATING CPR MANIKIN by BraydenManikin.

This is the first manikin that helps you visualise the effects of CPR. Three interrelated sets of LED lights give real time feedback of CPR performance and function: Chest compression indicating lights, blood circulation indicating lights, and a CPR quality indicating light.

Brayden uses advanced built-in sensors to detect and analyse the effectiveness of CPR. These sensors are set to a default value to detect compression’s in line with current (2010) CPR guidelines.

For more information email: info@faib.co.uk