Steve Priestley

I was first introduced to Little Anne manikins as an 11-year-old Army Cadet and my life has intertwined with the provision of Life Saving skills ever since.

I believe First Aid is more than just a qualification. It’s an important life skill that should be integrated into the national curriculum and taught in schools.

Having regularly used this vital skill during my 9-year Military career and 14-year career in the Fire Service, I know only too well what ‘doing nothing achieves’

My passion for First Aid led to the formation of my company, Siren training in 2012. Founded by myself and another Firefighter, my goal was to teach First Aid in a fun, informative environment so that people not only attended because their employer told them too but they are very willing and competent to save life.

I am extremely proud that my passion for First Aid has taken me on an exciting journey from Army Cadet to Infantry Team Medic, to By Stander Life Saver,  to Firefighter , to International Urban Search and Rescue Operative , then to Co- Owner of a business that creates future Life- Savers and now an Advisory Panel Member of the highly regarded First Aid Industry Body ( FAIB)

I am absolutely delighted to join Ian Kershaw and represent you the Members of FAIB as passionately and proactively as Ian does.

Tina Lazarus

As the Founder and Director of Safe and Sound,  I still have the same passion and commitment to delivering  first rate first aid training that I did 17 years ago when I started the company.  Frustration at the lack of accessible, relevant paediatric first aid available to child carers at the time, spurred me into leaving my career in teaching and medical translation and Safe and Sound was born.  I strongly believe in and campaign for first aid to be a compulsory element of the National Curriculum so that all children leave school with basic first aid skills. But, until that day comes, my focus is in providing engaging and effective first aid training to those working in the childcare sector and beyond. Whilst we now provide training to a very diverse range of clients from the NHS to the corporate sector, we continue to work closely with local authorities, nursery chains and schools to ensure that the content and delivery of training meets their needs and those of the EYFS.

Always keen to progress, Safe and Sound has developed an FAIB approved e-learning module for Paediatric First Aid courses which is available to all FAIB members and FAW e-learning modules will be available shortly (details can be found on the FAIB Home page).

Having followed Ian from the HSE to the FAIB, I fully support the huge amount of work he does to protect and promote the highest standards of First Aid whilst remaining flexible and accessible to all sizes of training organisation.

Russell Fowler

RUSS PICI have been working in the area of First Aid for approximately 30 years. Starting with St John Ambulance in 1986, I became an active member of Barry Rescue Division. I attended various duties from rugby matches to water based rescue- powerboat rescue recovery and dragon boat tournaments. Along with FAAW I also trained as Coxswain/Crew through RYA and RSLA for inshore rescue IRB- boat handing /Cas recovery. In 1995 I became an accredited St John Trainer and instructed Emergency Aid /FAAW for and on behalf of SJAB continued training until 1998.

 I have worked as a Active First Aider in the manufacturing industry for 18 years in my full time job with Panasonic UK LTD,  I joined my present employer FAST Wales in 2001, and now train all aspects of FAAW Courses to the industry.  In 1992 I joined HM Coastguard as a part time CRO and from 1994 to 2001 was the Station officer for Barry and am now currently working with and on behalf of the Maritime coastguard agency (MCA) as a First Aid Technical Trainer and Assessor. Also now under RCN I am accredited to teach anaphylaxis courses.

Stuart Marshall 

StuartMArshallI have been involved with the first aid industry for over 25 years running Marlin Training Ltd. We specialise in outdoor and advanced first aid for expeditions, but also undertake a considerable amount of first aid at work training. My background is a PhD in Medical Microbiology followed by 15 years a commercial caving, climbing and scuba diving instructor after deciding academia wasn’t for me! I also have a MSc in Digital TV production and have also run a production company. I am skilled in video production, editing and website creation including eLearning, all of which we use in our own first aid business. I have many training qualifications the highest being a Cert Ed, plus an EMT qualification. I have also worked in both sales and leadership development.

I am passionate about all levels of first aid training plus making training fun and memorable, especially by using multimedia technology. I believe strongly in the FAIB and that training standards should driven by the industry. A key vision of Prof Lofstead in deregulating the first aid industry was to allow more flexible and tailored training. The FAIB and it’s members are in a perfect position to take advantage of this, unlike the Awarding Organisations who by their nature cannot be flexible!

My first aid skills get tested each year caving, scuba diving, undertaking bushcraft with kids and volunteering as a mountain marshal for the Wooden Spoon mountain challenges

 Judith Brazkiewicz


I have been involved in First Aid training provision since 1996, and run Holos Healthcare and Training, currently a Health and Safety Executive approved training provider, along with my husband, Alex. Alongside running and teaching for Holos I am a Community First Responder with West Midlands Ambulance Service and a Business Mentor with The Prince’s Trust. I am also the Worcestershire Branch Chairman and Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Regional National Councillor with the Federation of Small Businesses.

Previous experience includes being a serving officer with the Metropolitan Police where I specialised in communications, training officer for Homebase providing training in areas ranging from customer service and cash tills to fork lift trucks and wood cutting, and training director for LI Group writing training packages for cleaning staff across the South of the Country.

 Richard Palmer

tab_3I am married with 3 children. I have been involved with learning & development since the late 1970s. I was in the Army from 1974 to 1985 where I delivered specialist training courses to army personnel since 1979 following my completion of the HM Forces method of Instruction course.. On leaving the army I joined the Kent Ambulance Service as a Technician and later as a Paramedic (Extended Trainers Kills as known at the time (1991)). I left the ambulance service and formed Medi Aid. Apart from working for Medi Aid (UK) Ltd. I am a local Parish Councillor and a member of the a locally committee run pre school in Newington

Ian Kershaw MBE


I have over 18 years of experience within the First Aid Industry covering all aspects including Regulation, Standards, Approval and Monitoring as well as general advice and I am totally Independent of any First Aid Training Organisation.

 I was in charge of the Health & Safety Executive First Aid Industry Approval and Monitoring Section from 1995-2007 which covered the Approval and Monitoring of around 1500 Training Organisations. I have run the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations from 2007 to the present day which has around 400 Training Organisations Members.

My focus vision has always been to see a First Aid Industry where “There should be a place for every First Aid Training Organisation irrespective of its size and they should be able to compete for business so long as they were working to the correct standards”.