Advice to Training Providers on the use of Blended Learning in First Aid Training

Blended Learning

You will be aware that it is already acceptable to offer Paediatric First Aid as a blended course and HSE has now allowed blended learning for First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work.

The following areas were considered:
• Ensure that blended learning is as effective as face to face learning
• Ensure that students know how to use the technology
• Ensure that the Training Provider has adequate means of supporting students
• Ensure that the Training Provider has a robust system to prevent identity fraud
• Ensure the Employer is aware that time is set aside during the working day to undertake any First Aid training they receive. (Regulation 13, Health & Safety Management Regulations 1999)

The FAIB Approach

Any FAIB Training Provider wishing to offer a Blended First Aid course will be vetted and tested before being accepted.

The package will of course have to cover all the bullet points previously listed.

FAIB also want to ensure that every Training Provider (irrespective of size) is able to offer a Blended First Aid course to their clients.

FAIB is intending to produce its own Blended course for FAW, EFAW and Paediatric First Aid as soon as possible.
We are also aware of the high costs involved in creating your own Blended First Aid course (particularly for a small Training Provider), we are therefore (certainly in the short term) going to offer a number of FAIB Training Providers Blended First Aid courses (which have already been vetted by FAIB) as shown below.

Breakdown of Classroom and Distance Learning

FAW and EFAW-Must be two thirds classroom and one third distance learning.
Paediatric First Aid (12 hours)-Must be half in classroom and half distance learning.
Emergency Paediatric First Aid (6 hours)-Not acceptable as a Blended Course.
Registered Providers who currently offer FAIB Approved Blended Learning Packages are listed below:-

Click here Blended FAW, EFAW and Paediatric First Aid courses:

eLearn Here

I Learn First Aid