Ian Kershaw MBE, Managing Director of the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) proudly presents Reuben’s Retreat with a Cardiac Science Defibrillator.

Ian married Kay in June 2018 and, instead of wedding presents, we asked our guests for a small contribution towards an oil painting as a ‘Wedding Memory’, we also wanted to make a donation to a Local Charity.

A colleague from within the FAIB Advisory Panel asked our Training Providers if they would like to make a donation towards the purchase of the Defibrillator for our chosen charity ‘Reuben’s Retreat’.

Overwhelmed by the kindness of our friends, family and Training Providers, today we have been able to supply a Cardiac Science Defibrillator to the Charity.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everybody for their support and generosity and also to Cardiac Science for helping us achieve our wish.

Ian Kershaw MBE
Managing Director
First Aid Industry Body (FAIB)