Welcome to The First Aid Industry Body

Selecting a First Aid Training Provider

As an Employer, you have a number of options available to you when selecting a First Aid Training Provider. HSE does not advocate, promote or support any particular option. You should select the most suitable option for your requirements.

The chart below summaries the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) GEIS 3 Document which the HSE has developed to assist Employers when choosing a First Aid Training Provider.

The cost varies between Training Providers however  evidence has shown that when comparing equivalent qualifications, the FAIB are the most cost effective.

Key Benefits

  • Totally Independent
  • Costs are realistic and fair (to both Training Organisation and Employer)
  • Monitored like the old HSE system
  • Training Organisations issue their own certificates
  • Monitored by Professional and Independent First Aid Inspectors
  • Run by a Management Advisory Panel from across the U.K.
  • The Body will be “Run by the Industry for the Industry”

HSE No Longer Provide the Approval, Monitoring and Regulation of Training Providers

HSE make clear that Trade/Industry Bodies can provide the assurances to Employers as required by the Professor Lofstedt Review. The First Aid Industry Body make very clear what standards we require when we Approve, Monitor and Regulate our Training Providers as well as the Quality Assurance procedures that are required to be in place.

About FAIB

Make no mistake the First Aid Industry Body will fit all the requirements of the Professor Lofsted review and give the Assurance to every Employer about our Standards that are required within First Aid training.

If it comes down to trust and respect then most of you know Ian Kershaw, MBE and how much support and effort he has given to Training Providers within the First Aid Industry over the past 20 years.

He was Head of First Aid at HSE (1995-2007) and then created the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations (FOFATO) in 2007 and in particular how he has always promoted the improvement of standards of First Aid training.

FAIB Mission

We can guarantee through the FAIB route that the monitoring will be MORE FREQUENT than with the old HSE system and yet the costs have been kept to an absolute minimum which means that Training Organisations should be able to keep their costs to their Clients static.

You will keep your identity because you will issue your own Certificates and consequently you DO NOT pay a fee for every certificate issued.
We can also guarantee that we will using only highly qualified First Aid Inspectors with NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  Indeed some of those Inspectors may be the same people that were used by HSE.

We can also offer a guarantee of CONSISTENCY in First Aid Monitoring Standards (because we will use a small number of Inspectors) and that a large part the Inspection will be directly monitoring the COMPETENCE of the First Aid Trainer/Assessor and less checking paperwork (most of which can be done electronically).