Message from the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) on behalf of the First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP)  regarding First aid Training & Covid-19

Please see below the guidance from FAQP (of which FAIB is one of the founding Members) that is introduced as from today (19 July 2021).

As the UK and devolved governments have announced that some restrictions in relation to the Covid pandemic will be reduced or removed on 19 July 2021 (7 August 2021 in Wales), the FAQP recommends that employers, in addition to the points listed in GEIS3 ‘Selecting a first-aid training provider A guide for employers’ consider the following points in relation to the ongoing pandemic.

  • That every FAIB First Aid Training Provider has a risk assessment in place that is regularly reviewed in light of the changing prevalence of CoVid19 and continuing pandemic. 
  • That the risk assessment includes the following controls
    1. Minimising face-to-face contact
    2. Requirement to wear face coverings 
  • That they have, in place in line with HSE guidance
    1. adequate ventilation
    2. good hand hygiene protocols
    3. sufficient cleaning 
  • The First Aid taught includes protocols that ensure the safe performance of First Aid during the current CoVid19 outbreak backed up by a body of medical opinion and the Resuscitation Council (UK). 
  • That they comply with general Coronavirus guidance based on their geographical location 
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • England