We will issue our Training Providers with Certificated proof that they are both Registered and have achieved the standard required, this will enable any Employer to prove that they have in turn have complied with the requirements placed upon them by the HSE as far as First Aid is concerned.


Monitoring (as previously required by the HSE), a key part of being a member of the FAIB is that the Training Provider undertakes to maintain a high standard in all aspects of their business and agrees to be subject to Independent Inspection as previously required by the HSE as part of registration status with us.


The First Aid Industry Body will be run by the experts in the First Aid Industry through an Advisory Panel (who will be experienced and knowledgeable people from with the Industry) and for the benefit of the Training Providers and Trainers/Assessors within the Industry who are registered with us.


Our Business Plan is not intended to compare costs (because to us First Aid is all about high standards of training) however we know that the costs for the FAIB system should mean that Training Providers will be able to maintain the same level of charges to their clients as they were under the old HSE system. This of course must help all Employers in these difficult economic times.